Public Organisation Olena Orekhova Aid Fund was founded in 2015. Among the founders there is Olena Orekhova - acting Head of the organization, former Head of the Red Cross in the Shevchenko district of Lviv Olena Orekhova.

Since its inception, the Fund unites in its ranks a large number of elderly single people, war and labor veterans which need help because of meager pension and old age. We conducted numerous activities for low-income people, we work in close cooperation with the Kyiv city organization of veterans and with hospitals for veterans in Kyiv.

Also, our organization has developed several projects to help pensioners. One of the major activities of the organization is to provide free legal advice to the elderly who, due to lack of funds can not hire professional attorneys. In this program we have involved highly qualified lawyers on a voluntary basis.

The leading activity of the Foundation is to contribute to the elderly in the contract of life maintenance. Such agreements allow low-income pensioners significantly improve your quality of life, dignity meet age living in her home life.

For the first education Olena Orekhova is a philologist, graduated from Carpathian University in Ivano-Frankivsk. By 1999, she lived and worked in Moscow. Having lived there for four years, Olena Orekhova returned to Lviv and entered the Lviv Academy of Commerce, where she studied from 1999 in the specialty of science of law.

Legal education assisted in the development of social protection programs and assistance to people of retirement age. Care for retirees Elena began in 2000, as head of the Shevchenko district organization of the Red Cross Society in Lviv.

In late 2004, she moved to Kyiv. After the introduction of legislative amendments that would allow life maintenance contracts, Elena realized that this - the optimal and legitimate opportunity to provide a dignified life to those days on the slope was below the poverty line and feels helpless.

You know how she was able to realize his desire to help people ripe old age.

Olena Orekhova Aid Fund - the case in which Elena and her colleagues put heart and soul for many years. We hope you feel it!

Head of the organization Olena Orekhova- ex-Head of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine in Shevchenkivsky district of Lviv.

Volunteers - managers working with pensioners

Project Manager Modern Pensioner

volunteer Volodymyr Bannov.

Kateryna Doroshenko

Head manager

Aliona Kovalenko

Chief Manager volunteer

Iryna Navalna

Nadiya Mostipan

Olena Zagorulko

Yulia Protsan

Yulia Klimova

Chief accountant


Iryna Gordynska

office-manager, Modern pensioneer project administrator




Pavlo Fasulaki



Oleksiy Volochay


Yulia Kogut


Oleg Lysenko

Transport Department Head - volonteer

Yuriy Androshchuk


Head of the Department

Maryna Yudina

volunteer of the patronage service

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