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The main goal of our organization is to help vulnerable people - retirees, people with disabilities, labor and combat veterans. To fulfill these objectives we developed several projects. The project Modern Pensioner provides assistance to the elderly. Unfortunately, the pension to date is less than 50 US dollars per month, so for Ukrainian retirees it is extremely difficult just to survive with such an income, not to mention maintaining a decent living standard. For such people, we give free legal advice and organize leisure activities, care, communication and assistance in finding investors and sponsors willing to help the elderly. Also we provide legal support of all transactions for pensioners and other arrangements related to the care of these people.  


A very pressing problem is the fact that the deteriorating economic situation in the country, devaluation of the local currency, galloping inflation, a sharp rise in utility rates leads to the situation when pensioners will not have enough pension to survive. Thus, in this project we are seeking additional funding to help these elderly, the disabled, labor and combat veterans.


The project Home Resort provides assistance to the elderly helpless people using nursing services, organization of home care, providing food and prescription drugs, walking, washing, cleaning, haircutting - carried out by our volunteers.


We are asking for your charitable assistance – financial or other material aid to our organization within these projects to improve the life of the elderly, who in today's Ukraine which is actually in a state of war, doomed to a miserable existence on the brink of physical exhaustion. For every penny we commit ourselves to a documentary, as well as video and photo report.


We hope for your understanding and wish you good health and prosperity!


Number of pensioners have got the support from our organization.


Our employees are highly professionals in the sphere of social help to unsupported layers of populations.

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